Category: Apologetics


A Different Kind of Apologetics: Focusing on Needs

In some cases we may need to explain why Christianity is appealing before we give reasons why we believe it's true. Let's explore some ways Christianity fulfills our most basic needs and longings.

Introduction to Apologetics and Tactics

What is apologetics, and how can we use it effectively as we share the truth of Christianity?


An Intro to Apologetics and Tactics

We need to talk to people about Christ. This often means we must deal with objections and misunderstandings that people have about Christianity. That's where apologetics comes in--making a case for the truth of Christianity. Here we talk about what apologetics is, some misconceptions about it, and useful tactics to employ as we interact with others.

Critical Thinking for Christians

We live in a society that doesn't spend much time thinking, so we Christians need to be good examples of those who can reason clearly.


We look at reasons to believe in miracles and objections to the existence of them.


Critical Thinking for Christians

What are the keys to good, clear, critical thinking?


What Does It Mean to be an Ambassador?

Paul says we are to be ambassadors for Christ. What would that look like? What practical steps can we take to be effective ambassadors?


What Does It Mean To Be an Ambassador?

2 Corinthians 5:20 challenges Christians to be ambassadors for God. How can we prepare to be the best representatives for Christ in this skeptical world?

Three Steps

This is a quick way to get across the basic Christian message of why we believe there is a God.