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Presentations I Can Give

I have over fifty talks I can give on various areas of apologetics. Contact me if you have any questions about them.

Resources List

This is a good list of resources available for anyone interested in apologetics. I have grouped them by topic to help you out.

Can We Test Religions?

People today often say there's no difference between religions and, thus, it's silly to talk about judging between them. But there are careful standards we can apply to noting differences between them in areas such as facts, ethics, logic, founders, and the ability to live it out in a satisfactory way.

Ten Quick Responses to Atheist Claims

Here's a short piece I found on a great web site--The Poached Egg. John Lennox, who gives answers here, is one sharp man with a kindly way about him. Check out his speeches and debates on YouTube.

31 Actions to Advance Apologetics

This is a great list of ways people can become more involved in apologetics, from easy steps to more difficult and challenging ones.

30 Common New Testament Challenges By Skeptics Answered

This is a one-stop shopping list of common challenges with good responses by the author.

10 Apologetics Quotations by Tim Keller

Tim Keller is an amazing pastor. Download his messages and read his books for some terrific apologetics insights.

5 Reasons Christian Teens Need Apologetics

Here are major influences in students' lives that potentially give them reasons not to believe the Christian message.

Eight Reasons Why We Need Apologetics

Matt Slick, a terrific thinker, has written a powerful piece here on the value of apologetics.

Summary of a Good Book: Know Why You Believe

Paul Little wrote a good introductory book for those interested in apologetics. Here I summarize his main points.