Category: God


The Existence of God

We build a cumulative case for the existence of God.


Is the God of the Old Testament a Moral Monster?

Critics say the Old Testament reveals a God who puts down women, condones slavery, and urges genocide. We examine these three attacks on the nature of God in the Old Testament.


Is God Just a Crutch?

Many people scoff at Christians, saying religion is just a crutch for weak-minded people. But this is a poor argument. Here are reasons why.


Arguments for the Existence of God

There are untold numbers of arguments for the existence of God. Here are thirteen of them, starting with the most powerful ones first. The attempt is to build a cumulative case for God's existence rather than relying on just one or two.

Is God a Moral Monster?

Some critics of the Bible charge God with being petty, jealous, genocidal, and other "crimes." What's the truth?

The Cosmological Argument for the Existence of God

Why is there something instead of nothing? The cosmological argument asks this question and demonstrates the need for God to explain the start of the universe.

Is God a Crutch?

Some suggest there are emotional and cultural factors which bring about a need for a crutch like Jesus. What is the Christian response?