Category: History


America’s Godly Heritage

We look at the Founding Fathers, their religious beliefs, the infamous “wall of separation,” and how their Christian ideals positively affected this nation.


Legacy of the Pilgrims and Puritans

We don’t often think about them, but we owe a great debt of gratitude to the early colonists who came over to America. They are responsible for many of the characteristics we value today in the United States.


Christianity’s Real Story

We hear that Christianity and science are at war, that Christianity’s past is bloody beyond belief, that it has ruined native cultures through its missionaries. But what’s the real story?


America’s Godly Heritage

This talk deals with our colonial and revolutionary period. We look at the Founding Fathers and their intent as well as the First Amendment.

The Legacy of the Puritans

We are told today that the early Christian colonists in America were terrible people--anti-intellectual, anti-scientific, anti-democratic. Is that true? What valuable gifts did they pass along to us today?

The Real Story of Christianity

Many myths about Christianity circulate today. This audio presentation tackles three of these myths--the Crusades were an aggressive war against peaceful Muslims, Bruno and Galileo were oppressed by the church (science fighting with Christianity), and missionaries ruined native cultures.