Category: The Bible


Interlocking Gospels

There are several ways we can argue that the gospels are eyewitness reports about the life of Jesus. We cover some of these briefly and then focus on one newer argument--the existence of interlocking gospel accounts.

Were the Gospels Written by Eyewitnesses?

It's so important that the gospels were written by eyewitnesses. What's the evidence in favor of this view?

Various Views of Genesis

We need to recognize there are different ways to interpret Genesis, and these views are held by sincere Christians.

Bible Overview

We often read a small portion of the Bible ( a verse or a chapter) without really understanding its history, geography, cultural setting, and literary qualities. In this presentation I try to help everyone understand the reality of the Bible–it took place in a real setting with real people.


Various Views of Genesis

We take a look at five popular Christian interpretations of Genesis–young-earth, old-earth, theistic evolution, analogic, and framework. To be fair, we examine both the strengths and weaknesses of all five.


Can We Trust the Gospels?

The four gospels have come under a lot of criticism lately. Here we explore reasons we can trust them and their message.

Messianic Prophecies

Some accuse Christians of distorting Old Testament passages so the verses sound like they are referring to Jesus. But is that true? One way to examine this charge is to see how the Jews themselves regard these passages.


Paul’s Letters: What Did Early Christians Believe?

Critics say Jesus may have lived, but he was just another mortal prophet whose followers hundreds of years later turned him into the Son of God, the resurrected savior.  But there are ancient creeds and hymns in Paul’s letters that tell a different story.


Are the Gospels Reliable?

Many critics today attack the New Testament gospels as unreliable–not written by eyewitnesses, written late in the first century, only a handful of many gospels selected by the church in a power play, full of variations that make it impossible to determine the original meanings, . . . We examine these charges and others to see how reliable the gospels are.


Reading the Bible as Literature

The Bible is full of different literary types. The two most prominent ones are stories and poetry. We discuss the value of using these and ways to get more out of them as we read our Bibles.