Category: The Bible


Reading the Bible as Literature

The Bible is full of different literary types. The two most prominent ones are stories and poetry. We discuss the value of using these and ways to get more out of them as we read our Bibles.

The Bible Beyond Theology

Of course Christians read their Bibles for its theological content. But so many people are biblically illiterate; they don’t read the Bible because they only think of it in theological terms. But the Bible has value for all of us, not just Christians. In this video we look at six reasons everyone should read this cornerstone book of the Western world..


The Bible Beyond Theology

Of course Christians believe they should spend time in the Bible. But what can we say to those who aren't interested in the Bible, claiming it's just theology for those who believe? Actually, the Bible is for everyone, even those who don't believe its message. This talk explains six values the Bible has that may encourage people to read it.

Reading the Bible For All It’s Worth

We often read the Bible without realizing it is literature. How can we read the Bible as literature to gain more insights from it?

Archeology and the Old Testament

There is a surprising amount of evidence for the historicity of the Old Testament.

Has the Bible Been Corrupted?

Some claim the Bible has been changed over the years. This audio tries to defend the Bible from this charge.

Is the Bible Sexist and Genocidal?

Recent attacks on the Bible say it is unfair to women and Joshua carried out ethnic cleansing when he entered the Promised Land. But what is the truth?

Messianic Prophecies

Christians today point out Old Testament prophecies that seem to predict the coming of Jesus. But what did ancient Jewish rabbis think of these verses, and how do Jews today regard them? Are Christians just reading into them the beliefs they have today?

Is the Bible Unscientific?

This talk deals with chapter 8 in the book Questioning the Bible--miracles, scientific arguments for the existence of God, and ways to interpret creation as explained in Genesis.

Interlocking Gospels

Many passages in the gospels demonstrate interlocking evidence that they were created by eyewitnesses rather than later forgeries.