Category: Theology


Do Good People Go to Heaven?

Here's a popular question we hear today. The modern view is that God will grade on a curve. But is that true?

Existence of the Soul

Do we have a soul, or do we just have a brain? There are ways we can argue for the existence of a mind/soul.

Are Christians Narrow-minded?

Today in an age of religious pluralism, we are accused of being narrow-minded. What are some good responses to this challenge?

Decision Making and the Will of God

People often tell us that God has a special plan for all areas of our lives. Is that true? Or is there another model for making decisions? I believe God intends for us to use wisdom as a way to decide on issues relating to our lives.

What About Those Who Have Never Heard of Jesus?

This question from critics suggests that God sends people to Hell for not knowing about Jesus or that they didn't belong to the right club. Here's a response to this complaint.

Do All Roads Lead to God?

This is a common attitude today--that all religions have a part of the truth, that all are a way to God. We look at problems with this view.

What About People Who Have Never Heard About Jesus?

What can we say to people who bring this challenge up to us? Are people desperately searching for God, but He hides from them? Do people go to Hell because they didn’t believe in Jesus? The big question–Is God fair?


Do All Roads Lead to God?

We live in a society that thinks all religions are pretty much the same. Is that true? Do they all end up with the same God and other beliefs? Does the story of the blind men and the elephant support this view?


The Doctrine of Hell

The concept of hell bothers many people, so let's take a look at what it means, confusion that surrounds it, and attacks made against it.

The Doctrine of Hell

Many are confused by the concept of hell as laid out in the New Testament. We explore its meaning, confusion about it, and attacks against it.