I’ve added a list here of people who support my apologetics ministry:

Joe Rhodes (senior pastor, New Hope Church of Penasquitos): “I highly recommend Gary Zacharias to any pastor who desires to equip his people to be able to provide a thoughtful defense of the faith. Not only was he extremely knowledgeable but my people loved his engaging and friendly style!”

Ken Gowen (former associate pastor, New Hope Church of Penasquitos): “Gary’s approach to teaching Christian apologetics is both highly informative and practical, giving students tools to engage people in their sphere of influence with a solid defense of the faith. Our people loved him!”

Ron Downing (executive pastor, Riverview Church): “We had Gary come teach a couple of classes at our church.  He has a great heart and cares deeply about selflessly serving God with his apologetics acumen.  We are so grateful to have had him generously come and teach at our church as part of our series to equip our members to engage the culture with answers to objections to faith.”

Arnell Motz (acting dean and executive officer, Bethel Seminary, San Diego): “Gary Zacharias speaks with a breadth of knowledge in the apologetics discipline yet with simplicity and clarity that is very stimulating. His skill as a life-long teacher is that he makes you think.”

Assad Saif (pastor, Orchard Community Church): “It is a pleasure to be in ministry with you. Thank you for teaching people God’s truths in a way they will interact with them on a continual basis. You are a gem!”

Luke Harmon (Discipleship Process Director, The Father’s House): “Many Christians in general and churches in particular are underprepared to help others give a rational and articulate defense of the Christian faith. Gary Zacharias, director of Apologetics for Life, offers a phenomenal way to help fill that gap. Our church has been incredibly blessed through his ministry.”

Gustavo Bernal (High School Director, New Hope Church of Penasquitos): “We recently had the pleasure of having Gary teach our youth group and their parents on apologetics. It was a very well received and informative time, Gary is very well spoken and relatable in such a way that our youth group was very engaged. Our only regret was that we only had Gary for three Sundays. Our youth group is looking forward to having Gary share with us again in the future.”

Rev. Tracy Weaver (former senior pastor, Cornerstone Church of Escondido): “Being widely read and having a firm grasp on issues ranging from evolution to astronomy, Gary is ready to be used in helping Christians grow in their confidence in the truths of God’s word… Without hesitation I recommend that you consider contacting and utilizing Gary Zacharias.”

Jeff Waibel (former minister to students, Cornerstone Church of Escondido): “He has taught many lessons on evolution, creation, scientific evidence for the validity of the Scriptures, and other related topics. His commitment to Christ and his interest in astronomy and science, combined with his teaching background, have helped to make him a gifted apologist… he is able to communicate this important information in layman terms.”

Peter Kraslawsky (former pastor to students, Palomar Church): “He showed himself to be well learned in his material and presented it with gentleness and insight. Gary’s appropriate use of visual aids allowed my students to interact with material rather than being expected to just sit and listen.”

Greg Lane (Life Stage pastor, Emmanuel Faith Community Church): “I am fully supportive of you and your ministry!”

Mind Matters Staff (St. Mark Lutheran Church in Encinitas): “Thank you again for participating in last night’s Mind Matters event. You did an excellent job and I heard very positive feedback from the attendees.”

Scott Smith (Small Groups and Adult Fellowships Pastor, Emmanuel Faith Community Church): “Your plan to speak to other churches is a great idea.”

Todd Medin (president of Families in Faith Sunday morning class, Emmanuel Faith Community Church): “A few years ago you taught some in the class, and I think it was very successful… The class has fed back that they very much enjoy your teaching.”

Jim Hoyt (president of Sojourners Sunday morning class, Emmanuel Faith Community Church): “I found you very interesting.”

Larry Peckham (Apologetics Program director, Grace Lutheran Church and Schools): “I was so impressed with his teaching style and topical material that I invited him to do a guest lecture for our newly formed apologetics program at Grace Lutheran. As a college professor, Gary has a unique teaching style, which incorporates direct engagement with the audience, a mild non-combative approach, and well-researched material… It was a pleasure having Gary as a guest speaker, and we plan to have him return in the future.”

Rob Klein (former Young Adult pastor, Emmanuel Faith Community Church): “He did a great job clearly communicating his message on the reliability of the Gospels. I highly recommend Gary and plan to have him back to speak again in the near future.”

Duke Martin (president of D2D Sunday morning class, Emmanuel Faith Community Church): “Fantastic job of teaching us. Thanks again. Anxious to have you back in the future.”

Comments from people in one Sunday morning class: “good, usable information for our witness to others,” “thanks for challenging our minds,” “great information,” “very logical,” “you made class so interesting and informative.”

Josh Rose (high-school pastor at Emmanuel Faith Community Church):  “Not only is Gary very knowledgeable in a wide variety of Christian worldview and apologetics topics, but he is also an excellent teacher. His years of experience in the classroom really showed as he engaged our high school students with his presentation . . .”

Wendell Moen (program manager for Lamb’s Kin Sunday morning class at Emmanuel Faith Community Church): “Thank you for a great program at Lamb’s Kin this morning.”

Louise Cerney (long-time supporter of Stand to Reason and a member of a Sunday morning class at Emmanuel Faith Community Church): “You did a great job of teaching on Sunday, Gary! We hope some class members were intrigued by the knowledge that common criticisms of faith in God can be effectively refuted.”

Neil Dudley (president of Ambassadors Sunday morning class, Emmanuel Faith Community Church): “I greatly appreciated your presentation, and I think many others did also. It gave me a different perspective on studying the Bible.”

Mel Bittner (church planter and former missionary at Orchard Community Church): “You were well received the last time you taught.”

Bob Nielsen (president of S.A.L.T.  Sunday morning class, Emmanuel Faith Community Church): “More really good comments about your teaching last night like ‘can we have him every Sunday for the remainder of the year?’  Good job.”

John Borland (president of Married & Company Sunday morning class, Emmanuel Faith Community Church): “I really appreciate the time you spent with us.  I thought it was excellent and look forward to having you back again sometime soon.”