Speaking Schedule



August 31–EFCC Apologetics Class #1 (preface to J. Warner Wallace’s Forensic Faith), 7 p.m. EC-24

September 7–EFCC Apologetics Class #2 (chapter 1 of FF)

September 10–SALT, EFCC 9:30 (TBA)

September 14–EFCC Apologetics Class #3 (chapter 1 of FF continued)

September 17–SALT, EFCC 9:30 (TBA)

September 24–SALT, EFCC 9:30 (TBA)

October 6–Chinese Bible Church (12335 World Trade Drive, S.D.) (Existence of the Soul), 7:30 p.m.

October 12–EFCC Apologetics Class #7 (chapter 3 of FF)

October 19–EFCC Apologetics Class #8 (chapter 3 of FF continued)

October 22–The Orchard, panel discussing The God Questions, 9:30 a.m.

October 26–EFCC Apologetics Class #9 (chapter 3 of FF continued)

October 29–The Foundation, EFCC 9:30 (TBA)

November 5–The Foundation, EFCC 9:30 (TBA)

December 3–The Foundation, EFCC 9:30 (TBA)

December 10–The Foundation, EFCC 9:30 (TBA)

December 17–The Foundation, EFCC 9:30 (TBA)